CBAT Enabled Drone Flies Without Battery

This week at IVO was one the team will never forget. It was a week of historical importance not just for our technology, but also the engineering community. The event that took place March 23rd, 2020 at IVO East was a confirmation that Nikola Tesla’s dream of a wirelessly powered world is real and is… Continue reading CBAT Enabled Drone Flies Without Battery

CBAT Loves Barriers

Week after week we push the bounds of wireless power technology and with each success comes a new goal. In our most recent series of tests we confirmed CBAT’s efficiency increase when influencing the dielectric potential between the transmitter and receiver plate. This means that CBAT gains efficiency when barriers are put between the transmitter… Continue reading CBAT Loves Barriers

Wireless Power Has a Name and Its Name is CBAT

Internal name for system and method for wireless transmission of power officially changed from Epirus to Capacitive Based Aerial Transmission (CBAT). We decided to officially to change the name to CBAT because it was more descriptive towards our technology and how it functions. What is Capacitive Based Aerial Transmission (CBAT)? IVO’s solution to transmit power… Continue reading Wireless Power Has a Name and Its Name is CBAT