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Exclusively using the electric field, CBAT safely transmits power, making EMF radiation, harmful lasers and concentrated RF a thing of the past.


With the ability to safely scale we can charge multiple devices, big or small, with a single CBAT transmitter.

No Obstacles

CBAT doesn’t break down barriers, it loves them.

No Downtime

While other companies encourage you to “drop and forget”, CBAT allows your device to remain in use while charging.

1 %

Smaller Lighter Better Battery

CBAT provides safe wireless transmission of power, giving manufacturers the flexibility to reduce their battery size by up to 50%. Future products will allow the elimination of the battery entirely.

Wireless Power
on the Go

Today’s “wireless” charging devices encourage you to “drop and forget.” Unfortunately, this requires your device to remain immobile and stay on the pad.”

With Capacitive Based Aerial Transmission (CBAT), devices of all kinds can receive power while you’re on the go.

Batteries are a
Thing of the Past

Current devices are only as good as their batteries are. With CBAT, your devices will operate with or without a battery.

One Transmitter,
Many Devices

Current “wireless” chargers allow for only a single device to receive power when placed correctly on the charging pad.

CBAT enables multi-device charging without the need for a pad at all.

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