Richard Mansell

Richard Mansell is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of IVO Ltd. He is an experienced inventor who has worked alongside companies such as GE Health and Local Motors Industries to develop new hardware and processes. For GE, Mr. Mansell developed a compression algorithm for their CT scans as well as helped create hardware specifically for pipeline inspections.

Mr. Mansell holds multiple utility patents both individually and jointly. He is known in the automotive industry for his invention, O.S.E.M.O, which is an open-source electronic hardware and firmware suite for operating and managing equipment specifically aimed at automobile systems. Richard is the inventor of the world’s first truly wireless power solution, Capacitive Based Aerial
Transmission (CBAT). His extensive work with capacitive based power systems has led to multiple breakthroughs in the understanding of the electric field.

Daniel Telehey

Daniel Telehey is Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of IVO Ltd. Prior to founding IVO Ltd he successfully ran multiple startups ranging from automotive design to veteran assistance. Most recently he founded WACO Motors that purchased the rights to manufacture the Rally Fighter, which is a lightweight performance vehicle that can be seen used by Michelle Rodriguez in Fast 8.

Daniel is a driven project manager with years of experience from his time as a non-commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. He is an award-winning program manager for his work on multiple programs aboard MCAS Camp Pendleton, such as the reauthorization of the Hazardous Materials and Safety Program 2015. He brings years of experience in energy generation from his time and education in North Dakota’s energy sector. Specialized in Power Plant Operations for Ottertail Power Company. AAS Power Plant Technology, Bismarck State College.

Mike Buiter

Mike Buiter is Chief Financial Officer of IVO Ltd. Mr. Buiter is a financial professional with over 40 years of experience and has served as a Senior Auditor for Price Waterhouse Coopers, and as an Internal Audit Manager, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer, and Vice President of Finance for Dr Pepper.

Mr. Buiter is the current Dean of the School of Business for Bob Jones University in South Carolina where he is responsible for leadership of approximately 450 business students and faculty members. For Dr Pepper, Mr. Buiter initiated a leveraged buy-out of Dr Pepper operations from company stockholders as well as leveraged the acquisition of The Seven-Up Company and IBC Root Beer.

Mr. Buiter obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Bob Jones University in 1977 as well as an MBA from Duke University in 1999. He also Chaired the Greenville Area Development Corporation and served as the Finance Chair for the Wilds Christian Camp in North Carolina.”