We are a team of technologist, innovators and engineers who are passionate about one thing – getting rid of chords and outlets all together. We are developing transformative technologies which require the brightest minds who are not afraid to live up to the challenge. We believe that it takes a group of dedicated builders and doers who will stop at nothing to make a difference in shaping and preparing our communities for the future. We are looking for teammates that can handle the roller coaster ride that is a startup and who are committed to building a better tomorrow. Our keen interests are people with strong background in the areas of electrical engineering, product development, energy generation and transmission, robotics, autonomous technology, sensors and machine learning. We are huge supporters of disruptors, entrepreneurs, women in technology, veterans, dream chasers, nerds, and compassionate humans.

If you have courage, dedication, and pure grind to excel in an incredibly empowering start-up environment, please reach out and apply today!

Live your life to the fullest.

We know you have a life outside of work. We believe it takes life experiences to create something beautiful. That is why we want our people to have joyful experiences, be healthy, have time for themselves and loved ones, give back, and have access to support they need.