Local Motors Industries chooses IVO for Olli development

Olli outside the Local Motors' Knoxville microfactory.

The Local Motors Industries (LMI) autonomous bus, Olli, is a fantastic piece of modern ideas and engineering. From the ground up, Olli is a brilliant 3d printed autonomous bus that plans to change the way people commute and also the vehicle development process. Olli has already proven successful with its initial iteration, Olli 1.0. Olli uses ground breaking 3d printer technology that successfully produces the vehicle structure in 9 hours using 100% recyclable 3d printed material on 80% of the vehicle. This process allows the vehicle to be produced with 90% fewer parts then a traditional vehicle. The new Olli 2.0 will feature a wide variety of improvements on both hardware and software fronts.

LMI has both a local and online community presence that aids in vehicle design and engineering. Our team at IVO has been a part of the LMI community since 2013 assisting in many development programs. Without hesitation we officially joined the LMI development team on the hardware front. Director of Design Co-Creation for LMI, David Neal II, had this to say about IVO,

“Working with the team at IVO is a very familiar setting for us at LMI. They share an out of the box approach to hardware development and have always iterated at an unmatched pace. We can’t wait to work closely with Richard and his team once again not just because of the business relationship we have with them but the contagious innovative nature their team always brings.”

IVO will assist LMI on Olli 2.0 development beginning on 10/09/19.

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