CBAT Enabled Drone Begins Testing

The drone industry has made massive strides in the past 5 years with batteries getting better and better. Drones have advantages that many industries and governments utilize to perform tasks such as inspection, surveillance, reconnaissance, oil, gas and mineral exploration and many more. While drones have gained new capabilities, they have been continuously restricted by their power source.

Flight time is a key element to a drones ability to be used for certain missions. This is where the battery has always determined a drones success. The battery doesn’t just effect flight time. Batteries effect the drones design and payload capability. The common industry response to the problem of batteries is to create lighter and more energy dense batteries. Here at IVO, we do not accept this answer.

The true solution lies in our ability to send usable power truly wireless to devices big and small. This week we focus our attention on the drone industry that desperately needs CBAT.

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